Zhejiang, Shengzhou, in 90s graduated from the Architecture Department of Southeast University, HESOMS design agency founder. The current chairman, HESOMS International Design Institute chief architect, concurrently China Business Association Expert Committee, Zhejiang province Zhejiang Research Association executive director of the Zhejiang University of Technology, a visiting professor at the Institute of urbanization. In 2006, IACE international architectural culture outstanding achievement award, di-2006 year in 2007, Chinese building; architectural planning and design of the most influential Award; 2008, harmonious China -2008 top ten innovative entrepreneurs in Zhejiang Province in 2009, Bole Award; contribution award of Zhejiang province Zhejiang research; in 2010, China architectural design award 2011, influential man; Chinese architectural design industry outstanding management award; 2012, innovative meritorious service "honorary title, won the" Zhejiang China contemporary outstanding talents "title.

As an architect, Mr. Song Jianliang's long-term commitment to the relationship between architecture and city, culture, philosophy, art, business and living, and social development, put forward the "planning, landscape, building" concept, and applied to the city and the commercial real estate design, the main works are: Paris City, China car Songcheng Expo City, Sanya cloud products, southern Dali City, Tengchong City, Xuzhou, China ink joy Shaoxing Jiayuan Plaza and Jakarta CBD.

Mr. Song Jianliang also often put his practice and knowledge into writing, and his articles have been employed by well-known newspapers and periodicals many times. The "vision" is a sincere and the Qiushi Magazine selected the editor of the "Chinese development pattern of development around the selected experience" a book; "to define the architect architects" selected "Navigator" reform and opening up a series of "seeking truth and pioneer leading cadres of the theory and practice of" cultural development ability the anthology. As the operator, has a unique perspective on the construction and development of Mr. Song Jianliang design company, put forward the "dream, play, cooperation, innovation, perfect" corporate culture, the modern enterprise system and design industry to achieve organic integration at the same time, has realized the design of the works, a local "core competitiveness and provides the first service" in the field of design.