Project Scale:Planning Area :51544.5㎡, Overall Floorage:76365.34㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-22

The landscape high-level north decorate 12 layer to the case, arrangement of big house, south and center of complete inner courtyard landscape form the district, the outline of ensures that each other have good garden landscape, formed the unique jewels around garden group, in harmony with the local natural environment, space layout to set aside the largest open space and green space landscape space, create a creative close nature and livable quality residential area.

The project general layout mainly by the main entrance sunken landscape as the center, at the same time the spread of the surrounding landscape planting and at the same time make the landscape of mountain road, make local residents can enjoy the greening of double care at the same time, to pursue the maximization of the landscape.

Linear space layout is adopted to highlight the homogeneity and accessibility of each residential unit.

Good public space system is to improve his neighbors, increase the sense of belonging, the effective measures for improving safety, shaping through the green residential environment, ground elevation changes, space enclosed degree of moderate control, form of relaxation, the neighborhood space for communication.

The principle of people-oriented design is emphasized to achieve a comfortable and pleasant natural environment and humanistic environment, to promote the affinity between people and nature, and to emphasize the homogeneity and intimacy of living.

Main entrance life square -- the square of life, the symbol of the community.

The building style of main entrance life square is bold and dignified, and the composition is harmonious and unified.

The composition of ancient Greek columns makes it more adaptable, enriches architectural art, has a good guiding role and is an important symbol of this community.

The central sunken landscape garden -- the all-day landscape garden of life.

The central sunken landscape garden is located in the core area of the whole lot. It can be used as a playground for children, as well as a playground for the elderly.

Rest platform, sports and gymnasium, etc., provide a place to play, enjoy, rest and exercise.

The central garden becomes a place for community gatherings and activities, as well as a space for morning exercise, rest and appreciation.

After a busy day, take a walk with the family in the center of the sunken courtyard, and linger between the beautiful natural environment and the small pieces of beautiful scenery.