Project Location:JIANGSU·XINGHUA

Project Scale:Planning Area :11862.2 ㎡, Overall Floorage:9076.8 ㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2010-08-04

Xinghua stadium is one of the most important sports facilities in xinghua, can meet a variety of large-scale activities held various events and the need of the national fitness, the signature block is xinghua towards a modern city.

The land is located in the north of wenzheng school, xincheng district, xinghua city, jiangsu province. It is on the east to xinghua road, and south to wenzheng school.

Total land area of 17.79 acres, about 11862.2 ㎡.

It is planned to be a stadium of 2,500 fixed seats and 500 mobile seats.

Design philosophy: to emphasize the combination of regional culture and architecture.

Cultural background: the architecture should reflect the natural characteristics and cultural connotation of the xinghua region.

Integrate regional culture, follow the urban context, combine local natural and cultural landscape characteristics, and design sports buildings with local and local sense.

Modern science and technology: this architectural creation high position, high standard, strive to have the strong integral feeling, the time, the natural style, the simplicity in the form of the god.

As the landmark building of xinghua city, modern high-tech construction technology is used, and the advanced building materials embody the character of the city.

It is an excellent platform to display the city's strength, national tension and cultural charm.

Economical and practical: according to the characteristics of land, rational arrangement of land for planning;

To maximize the utilization and use of the natural resources of the surrounding environment, according to different building function needs, reasonably divide the space.

Considering the need for sustainable development, factors in operation and multiple functions are considered.

(e.g. meetings, exhibitions, performances, etc.)