Project Scale:Planning Area :143822㎡, Overall Floorage:159686㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-22

This case in 3 layer lower row houses and 4-6 multi-storey garden villa is given priority to, the overall coordinated with local beautiful natural environment, space layout will provide continuous open space and green space, create a creative close nature and livable quality residential area.

The overall layout of this case reflects the design idea of "two axes and eight zones" :

Central landscape -- the first view line of life.

3600 square meters of the central plaza, and sinking courtyard is located in the core area of the two landscape axis, as children's playground, the elderly activity Spaces, rest, sports fitness facilities, such as playing, touring, and provide the place that rest, middle-aged and old exercise, exercise;

The center square becomes the community center activity place, becomes the community owner party, the activity, as well as the morning exercise, rests the space.

After a busy day, I took a walk with my family in the central plaza, lingering between the beautiful nature and the small pieces, and the day's exhaustion was also taken off.

Cross landscape axis -- two active veins in the community.

Settlements to integral space with longitudinal north-south cultural landscape axis as the skeleton, spindle online through the colonnade, pool, water features, fountains, sinking courtyard, central plaza, sculpture, such as the ornament of sketch elements and fully reflect the bright, an eternal theme.

The landscape is composed of green grass slope, multi-row forest avenue, children's play area, fitness area and forest area.

The large and undulating green slope forms a beautiful tree-lined path, and the urban elements are integrated into the nature, so that the two can complement each other. In the gradual process of urban and natural integration, the real feelings will be felt naturally.

Things, the two lines form a cross subject community landscape axis, like two rich vitality of arteriovenous, village by roads and green belts natural divide into several groups, each group internal closed-end management, reflect "open community, enclosed group" planning concept.

The main entrance square of the community is located on the south side of the block and is open to the second road. It is composed of the central square, the boulevards, the four seasons flower sea, and the woods.

The design emphasizes the openness of the entrance square, fully embodies the theme of the combination of nature and humanity, and promotes the class and quality of the whole community.