Project Location:JIANGSU·SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area:167860㎡,Overall Floorage:316820㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-22

I. design objectives:

The project will be built into a garden-style ecological community that meets the needs of Chinese people.

Ii. Planning features:

1. Landmark main entrance square, the symbol central landscape axis.

2. Perfect people's car shunt system, pursuing quiet, comfortable and safe living environment.

3. Actively create a variety of vertical vertical space, combine sunken landscape courtyard and underground space function, and create underground landscape garage.

4. Reasonable layout of leisure service facilities, so that residents can easily arrive and obtain a place of inner peace and spiritual pleasure.

5. The fine decoration of the VIP area is designed in the underground double hall.

6. Without the design of the external facade, the real and noble house temperament.

3. Overall planning layout.

This case is given priority to with 18 top layer, the overall design in harmony with the local natural environment, space layout will provide continuous open space and green space, create a creative close nature and livable quality residential area.

The overall layout of the case reflects the theme of the iconic entrance and the iconic central garden.

The entrance is the public center open to the whole community.

The entrance square of 6000 square meters is combined with the main entrance to support various supporting types, such as elderly service center, community activity center, community commercial retail store, public toilet, etc.

The entrance plaza becomes an open center of community activities, and becomes a space for community owners to gather, activities, and morning exercise and rest.

Residential whole space axis as the spindle, the north-south axis for the shaft, shaft line by sinking courtyard, colonnades, leisure square, sculpture, big lawn, children's amusement park, the old park landscape elements, such as formation of about 10000 square meters in the middle of the garden, leisure activities become residents of public center of desirable.

Thus, it reflects the design goal of creating a garden ecological community.

In the community, there is a complete car shunt, the entrance square is open to the outside world, and the inside of the group is managed in a closed form, which reflects the planning concept of "open community and closed group".