Project Scale:Planning Area :16114㎡, Overall Floorage:5829.6 ㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2010-08-04

The school is not a simple house, but a wonderful memory of light and shadow.

A space that can be self-taught, the class has a common interest group communication space.

Space to break the traditional teaching mode, form a feature of the school community, where the classroom is not only teaching space, through the communication platform, students can learn more each other, and experience the social various communicative activities.

During the summer vacation, the school can operate as a community center and become a base for re-education and sports activities.

Space is evoked, enlightening the child's thinking and exploring spirit.

The function of the school is to make the spacious courtyards and corridors form good shading, and provide the space for the game exchange and learning.

The color USES lively color, and USES the natural brown of the wood and the green of bamboo mainly through the courtyard and the roof greening lets the child can learn the nature better and how to save the energy.