Project Location:LIAONING·FUSHUN

Project Scale:Planning Area :273720㎡, Overall Floorage:830441㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-22

Planning features:

1. The landmark entrance square and the landmark structure -- the arc DE triomphe, create the image of the main entrance with the shock force, and highlight the eternal atmosphere and historical and cultural connotation of Paris.

2, the ground elevation difference set, build ups and downs, the rich natural slope landscape and architectural skyline, landscape sequence is rich and vivid, full of "" step, such as" enlightened "dramatic scene.

3. Perfect people's car shunt system, and pursue the maximization of landscape resources.

4. Actively create a variety of vertical vertical space, combine underground space and sunken landscape courtyard function, and build a five-star hotel supporting underground landscape garage.

5. With the fine decoration of the VIP area, we can make it easy for residents to arrive and obtain the inner peace and spiritual pleasure.

6. Cross landscape axis -- the two arteries that are full of vitality in the community.

7. The facade system of jiayuan's new generation and the architectural appearance and door design that conform to local life characteristics show the nobility and luxury of the French city.

8. Each group has a central garden of 5,000 square meters with a philosophy of living in nature.

9. 300 meters riverside commercial corridor, east view of dongzhou river landscape belt, broad vision, pleasant to the eye.

Overall layout

The case is dominated by the high-level landscape of 26-32 layers, and the space layout will provide continuous open space and green space, creating an innovative, natural and livable public garden residential area.

The overall layout of this case reflects the design concept of "one heart, one belt, two axes, four groups and five squares" :

Focus: central square, commercial no.1 building, sunken courtyard, flower sea, woods and other elements of the public landscape center.

Area: binhe landscape belt is built to be the connotation of "scene experience consumption", integrating leisure, shopping, entertainment, fitness in the body of the waterfront amorous feelings zone.

Two axis: north-south cultural landscape axis, east-west commercial landscape axis (champs elysees)

Divided into four groups: cross the landscape main axis of the four residential groups, each group content carries closed management, reflect "open community, enclosed group" the planning idea, group named respectively: palais bourbon, triumph palace, Versailles, Louis palace.

Five square, square, riverside square, arc DE triomphe south square plots (south), west square (west-middle section that is suihua road and railway junction), central square shaft (north and south culture and landscape axis intersections)

Project planning, four square, four urban road intersections is also planning a central square in the middle of the cross axis, five square together build the whole open space area of the project, the project plan design by four different characteristic street node design, build the whole project's iconic image outside the window, become a part of the urban landscape, at the same time open to the community and the surrounding residents as urban public space, as a daily fitness, leisure, large-scale activities of the beneficial part of open places.