Project Location:JIANGSU·SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :106666㎡, Overall Floorage:78500㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2013-06-28

The campus landscape of ma ling middle school attaches great importance to campus cultural features, combined with the original campus cultural elements, reflecting the original campus cultural characteristics and creating a more optimized campus landscape.

Through the combination of open green landscape environment and courtyard landscape environment, the overall landscape pattern of the campus is formed.

Combination of old and new campus culture at the same time, while reflect modern landscape elements, to join the old school district landscape culture, create a beautiful environment, green shade, blooming in the campus environment.

Combining planning and detailed analysis of environmental space, this scheme distil the landscape environment into "one axis, two points and seven Chambers".

The first axis is the axis of the entrance landscape, connecting the campus and beyond, and the transition from natural ecology to artificial society, which represents the connection and transition from school to society.

Two point is the complex building north and south two landscape nodes.

The seven Chambers refer to the seven inner court landscape points in the teaching area and the dormitory area.

At the same time, small landscape nodes are set up in administrative office buildings, student dormitories and audio-visual buildings to beautify the campus environment and enrich students' extracurricular life.