Project Scale:Planning Area :23666㎡, Overall Floorage:7447.6㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-06

The shengzhou construction building project is located in the most prosperous central district of shengzhou city, and the city government will go to the west of the city.

This project for the shengzhou construction bureau office building development project and its distinctive geographical environment and the important position in city planning, determine the shengzhou city, the project will be a significant landmark new district.

Design philosophy:

To create an image of vitality and creativity, to interpret the speed, energy and vitality of the new city in shengzhou.

It respects the development history of the city and seeks the symbiosis and dialogue with surrounding buildings.

It integrates with the existing urban space and establishes a new place spirit.

To create a diversified space and provide high-quality multi-dimensional urban living space.

Take advantage of the urban landscape.

It is 128 meters high on the north side of the project, and it is located on henan road, the new city of shengzhou city.

Its unique position, volume and height have always been the important symbol of shengzhou new city.

Is it echoing citic plaza or is it a landmark?

This is an important strategic thinking.

This design decides to integrate with the existing urban space on the basis of respecting the history of urban development, and together form a landmark group symbolizing development, uplift and development.