Project Scale:Planning Area :28667㎡, Overall Floorage:36761㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-22

Building layout is mainly divided into: a, seven star property, building 8 layers for the ground layer, building area of 13000 square meters, the second, the public security bureau business technology USES a room, building 8 layers for the ground layer, construction area of 9000 square meters, three, seven police station, building the ground for 5, building area of 3232 square meters.

The total construction area is 25232 square meters.

I. architectural form:

1. "square in order, surround synthesis group"

"Founder orderly, surround synthesis group" of the overall design principle consistently throughout the project, through good urban design concept, and the integration of the surrounding buildings, is the landmark of the city, and can be a very good mechanism into the city.

Structure design to the whole area is clear, rational layout, distinct, forming a perfect image and city space construction, make full use of original terrain elevation difference, the reasonable organization complete transportation system, static traffic facilities shall be properly arranged.

2. "axis symmetry, solemn and elegant, simple and generous"

The whole scheme always adheres to the design idea of "axis symmetry, solemn and elegant, simple and generous", taking into consideration the characteristics of this building as a service to the law enforcement department.

In architectural construction integral space form, while choosing to symmetrical layout to reflect rigorous simple and solemn atmosphere, but in the concrete design of bold ideas and flexible space design, easily is the overall architecture image stability change, still contains, showed more abundant image features.

Ii. Space interface:

On the architectural scale, we will withdraw the west of the base from three different types of open square areas, and the surrounding space of the south will naturally form the main space form of the main body.

In the middle height both sides low layout, in the space the building whole feeling and the authority feeling arises spontaneously.

In the west facing the main road of the city, the facade is as complete and concentrated as possible, and the form is simple and dignified, which reflects the urban scale of the building and the relative strength of the body.

Iii. Facade modeling:

We emphasize the division of vertical lines of buildings to reflect the overall sense and form of architectural space.

While emphasizing the vertical direction, we deconstruct vertical vertical components, so that the vertical plane has a tendency of slightly upward growth, which is exactly the formation of a mountain potential.

We hope that this image will serve as a witness to the law enforcement and show the extraordinary strength of a law.

Concise form, bright color, material between strong and false contrast, form simple and powerful modelling form, build a quiet, elegant, solemn atmosphere.

Iv. Building materials:

On the facade material selection, considering the facade design effect and the cost of materials and so on various aspects, the main wall and with warm gray imitation stone paint as advocate material, local do bulge outward processing, hair through the seam width and thick seam and jointing processing technique, build a wall and the unique sense of rhythm.

The first floor is the main material of dry hanging granite, which guarantees the durability and the maximum sense of sensory texture and heavy feeling.

Window use shallow plated hollow glass meet the requirements of heat preservation and the elevation effects, the window between the vertical component for tile gray matte painting decorative materials, in sharp contrast with the glass surface, highlighting the vertical sense, but also make the whole glass wall changes natural and strong.