Project Scale:Planning Area :69387㎡, Overall Floorage:107900㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-18

The case base is located in the northern town of evil innocence in xiuzhou district of jiaxing, new Cheng highway in the north, east near 07 provincial highway, between 40 metres green belts at a gas station and apart, as "hangzhou pond" shipping channel to the south, more than 100 meters between urban green belts, apart for clearing and the west side of the street a farmers' market.

Base adjacent to the west river of center street, has the good supporting facilities, and has the chengbei road (07 provincial highway) direct access in jiaxing city, city center distance of about 5 km, have the conditions to be a complete facilities, beautiful environment, convenient back and forth between central city and new city community.

Many case land nearby rivers, lakes and fields, there is no large residential community, base inside without building demolition, the terrain below new Cheng north road about 0.7 meters, site situation is relatively flat, more for cultivated land and wasteland and shallow pool, beyond retention and use of natural and human landscape, the overall environment conducive to live in.

Design philosophy:


The balance of products, culture, economy and society.

Architecture is always a complex of social, economic and cultural issues.

Because the architectural form determines the space sharing between people, it determines the relationship of functional space and thus interacts with social relations.


Scientific planning, symbiosis, optimal utilization of resources.

Planning and design is a science, the pursuit of "high-quality goods" consciousness and "people-oriented" thought is our motive force.


Anticipate and lead the future.

The era endows the historical responsibility, in the rapid development, the variety of today, we pay more attention to the vitality of the product.

Design should not only provide a simple adaptation to contemporary life, but also lead the way of life. Design should be the propagation of advanced civilization.