Project Location:JIANGSU·NANTONG

Project Scale:Planning Area:93452㎡,Overall Floorage:345333㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-18

This case make the traditional lifestyle of the collect inside accommodation with noble and delicate way of life, in line with the modern life to build quality living idea, will bring new leisure life experience to qidong, satisfy people's infinite yearn for a new life.

Landscape design methods for "western art to express the Oriental artistic conception", to build the ideal environment to hide the wind to get together gas, make "deductive special temperament, reflects the quality of life" development goals, bring spiritual meditation and relaxation and rich life experience, achievement qidong beautiful new scenery line.

How to build a noble landscape environment, this case we want to achieve "safe, healthy, ecological, prosperous?

Noble ".

The design of the traffic system of human car is designed to create a relatively safe environment.

The stadium and the complete health facilities and the strip of the garden road, provide the residents with better exercise and leisure space;

Sinking courtyard landscape garden design, make water, stone, plant, to achieve the harmony of man and nature, to express the traditional view of "harmony between man and nature", reflect the ecology, the concept of nature;

The slope design of the community has created a space effect of "blooming flowers and dense thickets", and the green landscape seen by people is more three-dimensional and rich.

The classical French architectural form and European landscape structure, small goods, reflect the residence of the noble status.

The square of the atmosphere, the rich axis, the scale suitable courtyard, the quality water system, the four seasons change the beautiful scenery, the environment infinite magnification, sublimates the luxurious and noble landscape experience.