Project Scale:Planning Area :34873㎡, Overall Floorage:58352.4㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-18

This case is given priority to with high-level, row houses, focuses on the design of general layout planning, the pursuit of maximize the landscape resources of in the district, the main entrance in plot formation on the north side of the entrance square, increase its guidance and kindness, to enhance the overall level of the community.

The overall layout of the plot reflects the design concept of "single-minded, two-axis, three-square and multi-landscape nodes".

Combining with the green parks and green parks in the community to form an excellent park landscape;

Emphasis on main entrance square, sub-entrance square, natural and cultural landscape axis combined to make the community more integrated.

Single-minded: central landscape garden.

Landscape garden is located in the core region of the entire block, can be used as a children's playground, the elderly activity Spaces, rest platform, sports fitness facilities, such as playing, touring, provide the place that rest, middle-aged and old exercise, exercise;

The central garden becomes a place for community gatherings and activities, as well as a space for morning exercise, rest and appreciation.

After a busy day, take a walk with the family in the center of the sunken courtyard, and linger between the beautiful natural environment and the small pieces of beautiful scenery.

Two axes: natural landscape axis, human landscape axis.

The plot consists of the east-west cultural landscape axis and the natural landscape axis of the south and north to form the "ten" type axis.

The "ten" axis of the atmosphere shows the concept of living leisure and noble.

At the same time, the "ten" type axis is open landscape space, reflecting the concept of "open community, closed group".

Pedestrian space will also be the axis of the natural and humanistic landscape axis is introduced into the group, a reasonable excavation living space, landscape space, to express the people's infinite yearn for an ideal environment, let environment change mind, let the heart to create a better world.

3 square: main entrance square, sub-entrance square, commercial plaza.

Main entrance square: with sculpture and greening as the center, it can reflect the dignity and luxury of the community, and it is the open square of the community.

Sub-entrance square: the entrance square at the east entrance of the community has a guiding role to form the symbol of the community.

Commercial plaza: setting up commercial plaza on the south can provide a space for business.

Landscape nodes: landscape nodes are set up in each cluster.

Center landscape node for all owners leisure and party space.