Project Location:GANSU·DANGCHANG

Project Scale:Planning Area :50000㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-07

It is located in the center of the new downtown area and the north side of the city center cultural square.

The base south of the new urban center trunk road ---- -ganchuan road;

On the north side of the mountain, there are rivers flowing through;

East, west side is residential district.

The plot covers an area of about 105 mu.

The project planning and positioning for the tourist hotels and commercial districts, a total construction area of 58669 square, building covers an area of 23259 square meters, the volume rate is 0.84, building density 33%, green green rate is 39%, four floors building.

Planning scheme was closely related to the idea of overall urban planning and detailed planning, combining with the characteristics of land parcel, perfect view, will block the internal landscape and the external environment, create a rich multi-level landscape system, so as to truly reflect a tourist city center the subject status of the service area.

Design philosophy:

We believe that the design should not only reflect the characteristics of shaoxing water township, but also respect the local architectural characteristics, so our design concept is analyzed from the following points:

Using the spatial layout of "the turning of the mountain" and the surrounding environment to fully coordinate, reflect "mountain" color.

Emphasize "water" as the theme.

The "block" is not only the understanding of "mountain", but also the understanding of the residence of the down chang, using block to combine the building.

The introduction of small Bridges, flowing water and horizontal space extend to the shaoxing hotel.

A seemingly benign natural environment, capacity is limited, and very fragile.

Functional partitions:

Divide the ground into two parts.

 hotel part: along the road in the heart of the city and block the internal road set up the lobby, conference, catering and entertainment center services such as housing.

The northwest corner is the guest room.

The two parts are independent and are closely related to each other through horizontal transportation.

 trade city and accessory occupancy part: each block independent and mutual interference.

The value of architecture lies in its ability to give meaning to the environment and to achieve regional identity.

Shaoxing hotel as a multi-level complex, dispersion and concentration, the function is different, so different space scale organic organization together, form a new cognitive environment icon.

However, the whole complex does not appear to be abrupt, which is coordinated with the environmental scale in terms of volume, and continues the texture of the original environment in form.

The space of the complex is free and open.

New functions and new places created conditions for new regional activities and laid the foundation for forming new regional values.