Project Location:HAINAN·SANYA

Project Scale:Planning Area :96720㎡, Overall Floorage:433104㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-08

Design goals

Parsing sanya impression and songcheng culture, integration of the best hotels in sanya and oct project advantages, build tourism, vacation, leisure, living in a body, feel the high-end tourism services, unique humanities resort sanya residential area.

Planning characteristics

Feng shui is in the process of traditional Chinese construction activities.

From the perspective of modern real estate brand planning, the layout of modern residential buildings is planned.

Project planning in the north of the mountain for the backer, residence sits to surround close, ring around the water, drainage, the south of the scenic spots in front of the equivalent of feng shui case hill, south big square around + vault construction, form the vast, the imposing manner.

The geographical position is superior, the geomancy is extremely good.

Overall planning layout.

The project USES 200 percent of the land.

The tourism culture of song city was fully excavated, and the whole floor was used as an aerial layer, while the whole upper building was used as a residence.

The upper layer is 4.5 meters high, and the residential floor is 2.9 meters high.

A total of 33 layer.

The main layout of the building is inverted "concave" shape, sitting north and south into a closed shape.

In the center of the base is the water park, forming a closed open space.

The hollow of the building forms a semi-private landscaping.

South of the planned site is sanya cultural theme park and grand theater, so the north-south axis is designed to be fully permeable landscape corridor.

The open entrance hall, the gentle water scene, the extended greening, formed the sequence space with the idea of tropical garden.

The square, green space, interior landscaping and the atrium surrounded by water body constitute a rich space system and landscape system.

Axis for the thread of traffic throughout the building, building groups along the axis, forming open, half open courtyard, courtyards have to size, for get the largest landscape resources.

The overall planning objective is to create an elegant, comfortable living environment in a favorable geographical environment, with the sea as the source, with people as the origin, so that natural, human and technology can be fully integrated.