Project Scale:Planning Area :39750㎡, Overall Floorage:82100㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-07

Design philosophy:

1. Adhering to the concept of "Oriental philosophy and western art", combining with the traditional culture of nanxun, it makes use of jiangjiang river ecological park to create a beautiful and distinctive leisure vacation destination.

2. It can bring great benefit to human life by cracking down on the mountain and water environment of the accumulation of wind and gas -- "no city guo, but the scenery of yi, living in a busy city, and there are Lin quan zhi."

3. Mining hotel architecture features of culture: exquisite detail, the imaginative space, the unique needs of customers, etc., reasonable layout of the hotel each function block, landscape and function to achieve perfect combination.

Planning technique:

1. First-class landscape environment: a rich visual experience is formed by using the water system and green environment of nearly 500 mu of jiangjiang river ecological park;

At the same time, create a variety of three-dimensional leisure landscape environment.

2. Top-level supporting facilities: five-star standard rooms, Chinese and western restaurants, leisure business, business office, air landscape administrative lounge, etc., which will become the sub-center of the region.

3. Noble logo image: create a new landmark of nanxun.

Set up a hotel, a business office, twin towers image to create a new landmark nanxun.

The room is 3.6 meters high and the business office is 3.2 meters high.

At the entrance of the hotel, the landmark buildings with unique features are set up.

4. The new generation facade system of jiayuan: combined with the characteristics of five-star hotels, it adopts the dry hanging stone technology to make the facade style show nobility and luxury.

5. Large entrance square: set up large entrance square with traffic and landscape needs to form open space.

6. Organized organization: according to the hotel room, catering, meeting and other functional streamline, reasonable organization of traffic.

7. Unique vertical system: local elevation of buildings, rational excavation of underground space, and the use of buildings to form a three-dimensional landscape level.

Create a variety of three-dimensional landscape environment, through the unique design method, form a distinctive lake star hotel.