Project Scale:Planning Area :28000㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-06

Project planning, from the perspective of the layout of traditional Chinese architecture, is to "between" constitute a single building, again in a single building of the yard, and then to the courtyard as a unit, composed of various forms of group.

The main building is designed with the courtyard as the unit, along the vertical axis and the horizontal axis line, with the help of the organic combination of the construction group and the foil, so that the main structure is very vivid and poetic.

Chinese classical garden landscape, natural pool twists and turns, rival ups and downs, flowers and trees decorate density interaction, shape and spirit, scene and feeling, idea and condition, virtual and real, movement, with borrow, true and false, have limited and infinite, there were various relationship each other, and not cause deep and broad space realm and interest.

Both "Chinese style" and "modern feeling" are difficult to express.

Let the modern and the tradition blend in the collision, forming the "modern feeling" building with "Chinese artistic conception", bringing different traditional vision.

The monomers are classical and stately with a large roof.

The flying eaves of the micrococks add a light aesthetic feeling to the building.

The combination of wood, glass, steel and other materials shows the modern sense of volume.

The combination of two forms brings a strong visual impact.

In order to achieve the fusion of high-rise and multi-storey buildings without losing its uniqueness, the elements of the tower are adopted to deal with it.

Tower is a kind of Oriental traditional architecture with specific form and style.

As the highest point in the base, the two leaders are transformed from the traditional high tower. The skyline is full of rhythm and the construction group is in harmony.