Project Scale:Planning Area :314970㎡, Overall Floorage:530040㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-17

1.1 design concept:

Comprehensive consideration and respect for the city characteristics of Harbin, explore the characteristics of the ice city, continue the artistic conception of "small Paris in the east", and introduce the classical European landscape concept.

The uninhibited and ethnic customs and the western city of landscape architecture cultural fusion, introducing conforms to the modern concept of quality of life, bring to Harbin new way of noble life experience, let people live in the park.

A. ingeniously use the existing natural landscape resources, from the overall consideration of internal and external space environment, efforts to investigate the relationship between the planning space structure and the natural environment, the interpretation of the north city and vigorous atmosphere of artistic conception, fully use south hong park landscape resources, to achieve the harmony of man and nature, express the traditional view of "harmony between man and nature".

B. Drawing on the axis layout of Versailles palace in Paris, and deeply deconstructing the classical architecture and axis space of western cities, highlighting the noble and luxurious temperament.

C. logo image: the two landscape axis intersect obelisk, into a collection of Harbin new image logo, shaping the core landscape, open space propylaea, strengthen the relationship between nodes, and park landscape photograph echo, permeability increase space, leisure landscape and urban activities closely together.

D. Orderly organization: reasonable organization of traffic, human vehicle diversion, traffic organization at the regional level, and classification and dissolving of different traffic types, such as motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

1.2 planning methods:

1, draw lessons from western delicate construction (building materials, exquisite detail), landscape (axis, plants, scenery), scale space elements (cubic construction, courtyard, and the size of the doors and Windows) and square (atmosphere, surround close, ceremonial) design gimmick, will explore the classic European style element apply, creating a variety of public space, etiquette space, living space.

2. Create: "natural garden, palace garden, private garden" European landscape system;

Rich vertical, form a three-dimensional landscape level.

3. Large sunken garden, to create a variety of three-dimensional landscape space, to meet the new age lifestyle and personalized development needs.

4. The combination of the flower sea and the ecological heap slope combines the colorful color with the vertical perfection.

5. Perfect people's car distribution system, liberate underground space, build an ecological garage, and pursue the maximization of landscape resources.

6. Reasonable layout of service facilities, so that residents can easily obtain inner peace and spiritual pleasure, and can have material life.

The convenience of living.

7. Striving to improve the residential quality of buildings, providing modern and local architectural appearance and family design,

8. To pursue the combination of space between overhead and community activities;

The bottom overhead space, the center landscape space and the complex supporting functions of the community;

The combination of commercial interface and urban function.