Project Location:GUANGXI·BAISE

Project Scale:Planning Area :366082㎡, Overall Floorage:776098㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-17

Project location and overview:

Guangxi baise city garden is located in the west of Lin Qiao, youjiang river, three facing river, baise baise to luo village highway north of west interchange ramp, belong to the forest area within a large residential community.

Baise is one of the largest city, guangxi zhuang autonomous region and western yunnan, and guizhou adjacent to the north, east and capital of nanning, even the border with Vietnam, border, 365 kilometers is the center of yunnan, guizhou and guangxi provinces city, is China's southwest to the Pacific sea route "gold corridor".

Design philosophy:

1. Focus on ecology and follow the path of sustainable development.

The 100 color ecological environment is superior, natural landscape is advantaged, make full use of the existing landscape resources and ecological environment, moderately transform, form natural, ecological, green modern landscape.

From the ecological point of view to design the construction environment, take the road of sustainable development.

2. People-oriented, satisfying the needs of life function.

Mainly residential leisure garden residential life demand is the biggest starting point of the landscape design, to meet the needs of different levels of residents, must be people-oriented, make the landscape service and people, constructing landscape function.

3. Pay attention to characteristics and explore the cultural connotation of the community.

Closely around the European landscape space concept, lenovo European life "situation", into the fashion, romantic, natural, vitality of urban style, to create life artistic conception of the royal palace type, construction of urban life

4. Adapt to local conditions and meet operational requirements.

This landscape makes full use of the architectural design pattern, highlights the space landscape, strengthens the vertical design, causes the whole community to rise and fall, ups and downs, step by step, step by step.