Project Scale:Planning Area: 105983㎡,Overall Floorage: 1232661.6㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-17

This case is located north of guan city, is located in the junction between urban and rural areas, is located in the south, north loop Bai Yanglu north, education road on the west side, youth on the east side, with a total land area of 129333 m2, land basic rectangular shape, the residential land area of 79832 m2, economy applicable room land area of 26151 m2, the elementary school land area of 23350 m2 (at the southeast corner of land).

The location of the residential area determines the location of the residential district. It is a noble residential district with a rich European garden style with many functions such as living, business, leisure and education.

Design philosophy:


The balance of products, culture, economy and society.

Architecture is always a complex of social, economic and cultural issues.

Because the architectural form determines the space sharing between people, it determines the relationship of functional space and thus interacts with social relations.

Real estate building dish finally completed, is also the result of the many interests balance, including: government, developers, buyers and other citizens, respectively representing the economic and political, the whole and local, immediate and long-term, environmental and social aspects.

At the beginning of the design of this case, we defined the target position and provided a good living space for the residents.

Realize the win-win situation of economic and social effects.

To address the following issues:

A. Within each residential unit, people can enjoy the living space in A limited area, namely, the design of the apartment and the function of the equipment.

B. Different residential units are organized in an orderly and harmonious relationship, and more attention is paid to the reduction of public amortization area for small houses, which effectively increases the problem of actual use area.

C. Residential units make a good community space with an orderly and harmonious relationship, that is, the overall planning and landscape design of the residential area.

D. The residential area faces the echo of urban road interface, open space and urban landscape design.


Scientific planning, symbiosis, optimal utilization of resources.

Planning and design is a science, the pursuit of "high-quality goods" consciousness and "people-oriented" thought is our motive force.

This requires the optimal method to use every piece of land, the land resource value, as an important factor of community layout, make the most valuable facilities occupy the space of the most value-added potential, based on the optimal use of resources.

This case focuses on the following considerations:

A. Create an active and diverse space to meet the needs of A new era of lifestyle and personalized development.

B. through the ground elevation difference set, build ups and downs, the rich natural slope landscape and architectural skyline, landscape sequence is rich and vivid, full of "" step, such as" enlightened "dramatic scene.

C. consider the local habits and customs, USES the stilt floor parking garage, families of vehicles can reach their aerial city garage, taking into account the local climate condition factors, building window, wall, roof insulation shall meet local standards.

D. Reasonable division of groups from the perspective of development and the concept of the neighborhood.

E. Reasonable layout of service facilities so that residents can easily obtain inner peace and spiritual pleasure, and have the satisfaction of material life.

F. emphasize to improve the quality of buildings to live, to provide modern, in line with the local characteristics of life as the center of architectural appearance and door model design, emphasis on accommodation and fusion of natural landscape environment, fully reach the ornamental value, development value and living value of unity.