Project Scale:Planning Area:85232.9㎡,Overall Floorage:160907㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-17

The project site is located in the east of the city, about 1.5 kilometers from the city government.

At the forefront of the eastern expansion of the city, it is the core area of the central living area of the city, with obvious geographical advantages and huge development potential.

The east side of the site is the outer ring road, the west side is the pearl road, the south side is jianmin road, the north side is latitude 5 road, tonghan road south and north through the project land.

The total planned land area is 85232.9 square meters.

I. design objectives:

Through the integration of planning, architecture, landscape, interior design, this project into residential, shopping, leisure in one comprehensive community, improve the quality of overall regional residential, commercial, and becoming high-end GongYuanShi in gaoyou area residential area.

Ii. Design philosophy:

Green idea: improve quality and achieve competitiveness (low cost, vitality and spirit of cooperation)

Good residence: it is the unity of function, artistic culture and natural environment (easy to use, foster people, not waste)

Iii. Design highlights:

1. Rich supporting functions: with rich residential buildings, perfect commercial facilities, open public squares, beautiful natural environment, etc.

2. Various park environment and three-dimensional landscape level: there are good water system ecological parks on both sides of the land, and the two residential plots are connected by the landscape axis of things.

Create "natural garden, palace garden, private garden" landscape system inside the community;

Rich vertical, form a three-dimensional landscape level.

3. Open square space: the main entrance square of the pedestrian mall will provide public open space for the city while gathering popularity and promoting the residential and commercial atmosphere of the community.

4.8000 square meters center garden, adjacent to big garden: the center garden of 8000 square meters shows the quality of residential landscape, and becomes an ideal place for residents to enjoy and rest.

5. People's car shunting, landscape underground garage: reasonable planning of traffic flow, realizing people walking in the flower, the car in the underground line of people's car shunting system, making the community a safe place to live.

Free underground parking space, beautify the underground environment while reducing power and exhaust equipment.

6. The fine decoration of the VIP area is decorated with dual entrance hall: the entrance hall of the hardcover ground and the entrance hall are designed to improve the overall quality of the building and enhance the sense of dignity of the owner.

7. Simple European architectural appearance and characteristic family design: the classical European elements are fully explored and applied in the facade design of the building;

The design emphasizes the integration of the bedroom and the natural landscape environment, so as to achieve the unity of appreciation value, development value and residential value.