Project Scale:Planning Area :38390㎡, Overall Floorage:48792㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-07

1. Design principles

(1) reasonable process flow and clear functional zoning.

(2) reasonable layout, save land, and minimize the amount of earthwork.

(3) the factory layout shall meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection.

2. General layout.

According to the planning principle, the general layout plan of the factory is mainly based on the production workshop, and the general plan of the factory is mainly to create the garden type humanized factory, which needs to be arranged in combination with the construction of the factory district.

On the south side, the small 3# and # 4 production workshops are arranged in a small scale, with a large 2# production workshop covering an area of more than 7500 square meters. The north side is a production workshop with a width of 1# in the east-west direction.

At the same time, considering the existence of 220KV high voltage line on the northeast side of the block, the entrance of the factory and the parking lot, the reasonable space layout, and reduce the interference between each other.

3. Factory transportation

While satisfying the production, the logistics is smooth and orderly.

The criss-crossing road of the factory runs through the four sides of the factory. Besides, there are several branches, which form a ring road network.

The factory has set up the logistics and traffic flow entrance along the qunxian road, and the entrance of the stream is set up along the mirror waterway.

The traffic in the factory strives to achieve human and material diversion.

The road in the factory is paved with cement concrete.

Road width: the main road is 8m and the secondary road is 6m.

The turning radius of the road is 9m.

4, fire

In general layout, strict compliance with the layout requirements stipulated in the building design fire prevention code, the fire spacing between the workshop, the workshop and other buildings shall meet the standard requirements.

The factory area network adopts circular layout to meet the requirements of transportation and fire protection.

External traffic strives to achieve human and material diversion, so as to reduce traffic crossing and achieve the orderly transportation system of the factory.