Project Location:JIANGSU·SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :25385㎡, Overall Floorage:35440㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2013-08-15

The design fully embodies the perfect combination of "Oriental philosophy and modern art", and breaks through the inherent mode and embodies the humanistic spirit.

Under the premise of accurate market positioning, the professional design is carried out to integrate architectural planning and interior space.

This project design combined with catering, entertainment, leisure, retail, hotel, shopping, life and office facilities, integrating diversity and convenience, aims to build a business fashion and leisure environment symbiotic type of blending shopping center.

This case has a magnificent river, the whole building forms are angled combined water streamline, wave elevation, strewn at random in the platform, back to the floor design, the natural plant, implicative inside collect description with the flow of energy, at the same time, through traffic, traffic, water, trees, and the combination of many elements, such as natural, smooth as a body, present a winding back with hale city straight line contrast changes, through changing different experience to create an indoor and outdoor, building and environment greening "urban complex".

The whole facade mainly USES the organic combination of stone and glass elements, atmosphere and unity;

Architectural detail selection from the China stone of of primitive simplicity to dazzle colour porous plate, from glass curtain wall to the arrangement of lush garden, every detail in the structure of the facade by different material color and pattern choice and the actual situation and embody streamline and linear facade represented by the "urban and modern" emotion, in building environment and cultural characteristics as well as improve the urban level, showing city inside collect, atmospheric culture breath.

The roof of the covered slope, white wall daiwa and the cornice are the outstanding features of the building. The overall image of the building is like the Chinese ink and wash painting.

In the architectural details, the wooden railings in the traditional buildings of jiangnan are simplified.