Project Scale:Planning Area :2193㎡,

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2011-08-30

Planning the project covers an area of 2193 ㎡, north avenue for iron and steel, south road, south to square, west near the city west road, west road, east to the square.

The base is adjacent to the baotou city government, with its core business district.

Continuation of main street office building energy: main steel avenue is located in the city centre, is like a stage, each of the pedestrians and vehicles back and forth and busy, each plays a different role, office building which is located and the continuation of the vitality and main street


Modelling fluidity: from the modelling to use the fold line that is not horizontal vertical to be the main contour of the building, show the tension and flow feeling of the building itself.

Show the uniqueness of the site: compared with the surrounding buildings, it is a neat shape, and the tortuous office building is like a sculpture in the city, which increases the vividness and uniqueness of the site.

The shopping center faces the city's west road, which is covered with the same undulating green belt as the building.

The undulating green roof garden ACTS as a protection for the building during the summer and winter seasons, and is also an ecological way to collect and purify the air.

The layout of the residential area is all north and south, and has its own private community greening, which is at the center of shopping.

In the west road, the star hotel has avoided excessive traffic and noise in the face of aldine plaza and residential area.