Project Scale:Planning Area :87366㎡, Overall Floorage:454330㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-10-20

Project positioning will wonder plaza into a set of shopping, leisure, catering, office, hotel, education, entertainment in one of the open top city center commercial district, make it become the domestic the first county-level city business center.

The project adopt the way of layers of back sets of the commercial building, shopping and recreation space, the humanities landscape, the combination of each layer set aside for leisure landscape platform, to meet and satisfy the people to close nature experience in consumption activities, prompted the project gradually to a both rational layout, function perfect, experience the experience type ecological commercial plaza humanized space target.

Through the combination of the landmark commercial buildings and the local traditional culture of zou city, the traditional culture of zoucheng is emphasized, and the charm of urban culture is highlighted, and the commercial popularity is driven by culture, leisure and entertainment.

The central three-dimensional landscape square and children's theme park make the space landscape and commercial space coexist and blend together, reflecting the concept of "scene experience consumption" as the connotation, and express a brand new consumption culture.

With the scale of the people, in the design of human demand and human activities as the basic starting point, fully provide parking Spaces, information, communication, enjoy the cool, have a rest, and easy to sell newspaper, health functions and the related public service facilities.

These functions are realized at the same time with the functions of the surrounding buildings, which further reflects the meticulous care of people.

Meet the following requirements in space:

Cohesion: as a large commercial center in zoucheng city, there should be an external image of rich commercial activities, while stressing the core cohesion of commercial districts.

Design in the middle of the block a large stereoscopic landscape square, concentration of recreation space and the layout of the square has brought this plot is distinct and the commercial center of image, great impact the iconic boutique hotel and other structures can form a strong visual impact.

Integration: introducing new commercial block in fashion atmosphere of diversified styles, and vigorously into the surrounding commercial atmosphere, starting from the whole, and each has its own characteristics, will be integrated into a whole.

Continuity: division project into several pieces of commercial block, at the same time, through the traffic and landscape into a system, let a person feel the real commercial atmosphere, make the person's psychology along the street together.