Project Scale:Planning Area :162870㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2013-10-23

Will this project into a residential, leisure, entertainment, shopping, culture, business for the integration of urban commercial complex, become the most shaoxing cultural tastes, leading the consumption trend, leading the new landmark of the lifestyle.

The LifestyleShoppingCenter.

Break the traditional business model, focus on diversified leisure and life functions, and create a new experiential leisure and shopping scenario business model for LifestyleShoppingCenter.

The concept of urban scarcity high-end comprehensive commercial center is built with landscape advantage.

Relying on unique natural landscape conditions, landscape, scenic spots can be incorporated into the commercial block, landscape space as the background of the consumption, pioneered in the natural landscape for the city of new business scenarios, let citizens at the time of shopping and leisure consumption experience green breath of life.