Project Location:XINJIANG·HETIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :66667㎡, Overall Floorage:71912㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2013-08-08

This project through the introduction of generic carpet culture, forming an open top trade, exhibition, information, research and development, culture and form a complete set of high grade business center, create hotan region extremely iconic with powerful regional center, be energetic and people aspire to the urban area.

With green ecological methods, a new concept of deductive carpet expo city urban area system with method of building city construction industry concentration, transport facilities, commercial prosperity, complete equipments, the environment is exquisite, comfortable living, energy conservation and environmental protection with carpet industry as the core, reflect carpet culture, livable appropriate industry of urban commercial complex, so as to realize the double harvest of social effect and economic benefit.

The architecture of this plan adopts the Arab design style to reflect the urban image of the two major industrial markets.

It is a very iconic and powerful regional center, which is a vibrant and desirable urban area.

Planning in line with the maximum development and utilization of business logistics channels, reasonable arrangement of wool carpet trade sector, d drug trade sector, life shopping area, supporting business area and restaurant food area, thus forming a dynamic commercial shopping system of dot, line, face.

Such a structure system is beneficial to form a large shopping center business form, form a complete and continuous business, so the structure of the model not only extends the commercial space and commercial content, and make people in the shopping environment and shopping, psychological characteristics and style and the downtown shopping experience.