Project Location:FUJIAN·SHAOWU

Project Scale:Planning Area :41437㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-10-19

The designer aims to make this project a high grade cultural and commercial district with rich cultural connotation, business, exhibition, catering and tourism.

It is the business card of shao wu and even nanping region, which reflects the natural, economic, cultural and commercial quality of shao wu.

Tea melts the people of heaven and earth, the connotation of tea culture is actually a concrete embodiment of Chinese cultural connotation.

In Chinese culture, people's reverence and yearning for landscape are rooted in the heart.

Excavate tea culture and landscape culture, abstract it into design motility, and use it in design to express the continuation of culture.

In the traditional commercial activities, it is a good vision for people to collect wind and make money.

In this case, the abstract form of tea is applied to the design of commercial subjects on both sides of the main axis line, so that the buildings, commercial streets and squares form a coordinated and unified whole.

The building and commercial streets are arranged in the public landscape space, and in the form of an abstract yuan bao.

These enclosed public Spaces not only play a role in gathering popularity, but also have the implication of gathering air and attracting money.

In the landscape design of the square, the theme of tea, tea mountain and tea tree is spread out, and the tea culture is more reflected.