Project Scale:Planning Area :60944.4㎡, Overall Floorage:324634㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-19

I. overall positioning of the project.

Will the project into a residential, leisure, entertainment, shopping, culture, business for the integration of urban commercial complex, become the most cultural tastes, pizhou lead consumption trend, leading the new landmark of the lifestyle.

This is pizhou's first upscale commercial block, pizhou's city business card.

Ii. Overall concept:

Life complex concept.

The concept of complex body was studied from the perspective of city and region in the early stage, which gained rapid development and achieved a lot of development achievements. Meanwhile, it also accumulated rich experience for the development of the city.

Through many years of urban construction and living design research, we found that the community in some way is a narrow "urban space", from the view point of people's life convenience, we believe that the community should form a complete set of more complete service facilities, and should not be the concept of the traditional pure residential area, as a result, we design a second concept, is by the thought of the "Mosaic" life idea to explain the development of the whole project.

In this project, is designed to take life, leisure, entertainment, maximize the grafting together, in the design process, consider supporting business, supermarkets, stores, leisure food all ages, such as one-stop service.

Design ideas

(1) perfect the core: strengthen the status of city center, complement and improve the city function, and increase the publicity of the city.

(2) functional composition: integrating leisure, shopping, entertainment, business office, modern residence and other functions.

(3) logo image: create pizhou city logo image.

Continue the traditional axis, shape the core landscape, open the space corridor, strengthen the connection between the nodes, increase the space penetration, and connect the leisure landscape closely with the urban activities.

(4) the orderly organization: reasonable for residential, commercial land transportation, car branch, from the regional level for traffic organization, for motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians and other traffic with different properties are classified to relief.