Project Location:SHANGHAI

Project Scale:Overall Floorage:709㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-19

Nanjing road pedestrian street is one of the top ten commercial centers in Shanghai, with a large number of shops, a thriving industry, a variety of shopping malls and excellent buildings, and the integration of western and western cultures.

It is this diversity of tolerance, mutual penetration and absorption, cover the essence of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, all rivers run into sea of broad mind, forward the development of firm, the nanjing road is full of vitality, show it to the prosperous hundred years not to fall.

As an absolute "prime location" in Shanghai, it is also a must for operators, where tourists must come.

Historically, it has been a land of political turmoil, and today is a showcase for the modernization of Shanghai.

Zhejiang riyue group zhejiang mingpai jewellery co., LTD., located on the pedestrian set mingpai jewellery store in Shanghai, as the backbone of the jewelry industry leading enterprises, in the ever-changing era, the Shanghai store taken on a new look, become the important development step this year.

Designers, considering the particularity of the project itself and took into account the location and transportation, inside the store can also be reached by escalator rail transit, ten minutes' walk to the bund or the people's square, so we identified the following the style of the old street in one hundred, the facade to decoration style restoring ancient ways for the last century, in the bund and people's square bridge of a dock.

The interior decoration USES warm and noble champagne color, with soft LED lights and custom crystal lights, as if a diamond is inlaid on the white top.

Soft brown wood grain bring warmth and rich texture of visual effect, white, silver, yellow gold, shiny diamonds and noble pearl in the dark high-grade mirror counter appears elegant and rich connotation.

According to the requirements of the owner, will lead to the escalator demolition of basement, with marble steps, high-grade beige on the shop floor and black edge, with dazzling light boxes, will people have been attracted to the basement.

As time goes on, this warm and elegant champagne color will carry the nobility here.