Project Scale:Planning Area :62288㎡, Overall Floorage:141145㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-19

Design philosophy:

1. One-stop business center.

The plan emphasizes the multiple composition of the commercial district, integrates living, shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment, accommodation and conference, and emphasizes the connection and interaction between them.

Meet the following requirements in space:

Cohesion: as a commercial street in the central district of jiaxing wang jiangjing town, there should be an external image of rich commercial activities, emphasizing the core cohesion of commercial districts.

Design in the middle of the block a large leisure square, the concentration of square layout has brought this plot is distinct and the commercial center of image, great impact to the old town centre in the east - WenChuan 07 provincial highway traffic on the road in the line of sight and west people can in the square in the line of sight, landmark buildings and structures which can form a strong visual impact.

Old and new integration: introducing new commercial block in the elegant atmosphere of European style, and vigorously into the surrounding commercial atmosphere, starting from the whole, and each has its own characteristics, will be integrated into a whole.

Continuity: the integration of several commercial blocks, including the original wanfu 7+1 lot, into a system to make people feel the real commercial street atmosphere, and let the people's psychology continue along the street.


Urban brand

In the design of this case, we use the fusion of landmark buildings and landscape and culture to create a future new town landmark area of diversity or mixed organic growth.


The theme of vitality:

Plan focuses on two themes galleria axis, relying on the waterfront landscape in the east, to create a blueprint for Venice water bank leisure business axis, the central to a north-south through commercial main shaft will be the rainbow road commercial street

Connect with central plaza to enhance the vitality of inner commercial street.


With the person this

With the scale of the people, in the design of human demand and human activities as the basic starting point, fully provide parking Spaces, information, communication, enjoy the cool, have a rest, and easy to sell newspaper, health functions and the related public service facilities.

These functions are realized at the same time with the functions of the surrounding buildings, which further reflects the meticulous care of people.


Smooth, safe and interactive business lines:

This case through commercial block form, to ensure that the size of each block forming convenient business loop, good dynamic line pay attention to traffic trends is fluent, no dead Angle, galleria connected to the main traffic arteries, to ensure that all sides can effortlessly into the streets.