Project Location:GUIZHOU·ANSHUN

Project Scale:Planning Area :15256㎡, Overall Floorage:18298.9㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-18

Planning concept

(1) one-stop tourism business center:

Planning emphasizes the commercial block multiple compound, sightseeing, shopping, leisure, catering, accommodation, entertainment, cultural experience, and other functions, emphasize the connections and interaction, make the residents and tourists in a travel behavior in a variety of purposes and requirements, to achieve such three aspects of space requirements:

Cohesion: as a commercial street in the central district of anshun high-speed railway, there should be a public space with rich commercial activities, emphasizing the core cohesion of commercial districts.

Integration into the culture: the introduction of the commercial district into the elegant atmosphere of the building elements, and the efforts to integrate into the surrounding business atmosphere,

From the whole, each has its own characteristics, integrating it into a whole.

Continuity: the integration of a few commercial monomers into a system to make people feel the real business street atmosphere and the heart.

The reason is to continue along the street.

(2) urban brand:

In the design of this case, we use the fusion of landmark buildings and landscape and culture to create a future new city landmark area with diverse or mixed organic growth.

(3) smooth, safe and interactive business lines:

This case through commercial block form, to ensure that the size of each block forming convenient business loop, good dynamic line pay attention to traffic trends is fluent, no dead Angle, galleria connected to the main traffic arteries, to ensure that all sides can enter the streets without any difficulty.

(5) people-oriented:

With the scale of the people, in the design of human demand and human activities as the basic starting point, fully offers information, communication, enjoy the cool, have a rest, and easy to sell newspaper, health functions and the related public service facilities.

These functions are realized at the same time with the functions of the surrounding buildings, which further reflects the meticulous care of people.