Project Scale:Planning Area: 14907.8㎡,Overall Floorage: 19976.5㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-19

Pingwang times square project is located at no.44 tongyun road, pingwang town, wujiang city, jiangsu province.

The base east of wujiang city hospital, south to the road, the west side, the north side is the status of the home.

The project is close to the commercial streets of tongyun road, and the surrounding business atmosphere is rich, and the business value is self-evident.

Design philosophy:

1. Draw on the advanced ideas of foreign countries and build the highlights of the city.

Flat at times square landscape design to embody the English town commercial featuring delicate, leisure and romantic, borrow the western modernism landscape design concept, overall concise and easy, deepen the culture landscape and create a versatile, pleasant and comfortable with characteristic of foreign culture, entertainment, shopping, leisure culture, meet the syntheses of commercial activities.

2. Simple and natural, create rich and diversified commercial landscape.

Consider the commercial pedestrian street traffic, such as turnover speed characteristics, landscape design is fundamental key with concise, open, reasonable control of space scale, flexible layout, functional and practical perfect unity.

3. Emphasize human participation and create a business atmosphere.

Modern commercial landscape, more emphasis on human participation, design more reasonable scale to create more beautiful, warm shopping environment.

To make sure the economy is reasonable, to maximize the overall business taste.

Through the unique landscape design, create a high grade and strong atmosphere of commercial pedestrian street, create a good shopping environment.