Project Location:JIANGSU·TAIZHOU

Project Scale:Planning Area :59963㎡, Overall Floorage:325029㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-19

Good source xintiandi introduced the most potential for development on the international theme complex urban planning idea, USES the pedestrian street and the city culture, landscape axis with the combination of dynamic line design, plan combination, "a four square street six center" complete through the forms of distribution, allowing citizens to the "eating food and drink out of grade, playing characteristics, shopping pleasure, the warmth of living", meet in the old, middle-aged and young, young one-stop leisure, entertainment, shopping needs.

A large square: jiayuan happy square.

A total area of about 2200 square meters of good source of joy square, the introduction of the iconic indoor entertainment plaza, apply colours to a drawing of the roof, downy lamplight out one of the most open type of shock force acting square, the square can participate in the most exciting festival, feeling busy and fashionable space atmosphere.

Four blocks: colorful life street, waterfront leisure street, famous fashion street, jiayuan street.

Colorful life street is the main shopping street of daqing road.

Commercial street on both sides will set the clothing boutique, jewelry store, style shop, garage, nursery, banking, telecommunications, mobile, bookstore, training center and other kinds of stores, make customers enjoy the complete life form a complete set.

The south depends on the waterfront landscape, creating a leisure and fashion as the theme of waterfront leisure street, will be introduced in bars and restaurants, refreshing environment, strong business atmosphere, let the most romantic city bank customer experience emotional appeal.

Good source in the middle of the new world in a north-south through commercial spindle will old county government park, urban landscape zone connected with such as Thai canal cultural square, create a famous brand fashion street, square commercial vitality of ascension.

It focuses on the flagship stores of famous brands, world famous products and boutiques, etc., so that customers can experience the top business segments of internationalization.

Good source amorous feelings street is two cross-shaped three-dimensional commercial street, north from daqing east road to the hubin road and old county government park, east to just crossing the road bureau, and the formation of daqing road to the old county government air three-dimensional between pedestrian street in the park.

Two cross commercial streets in the center of jiayuan happy square formed a meeting.

All kinds of commercial blocks blend into each other and penetrate into each other to enhance the vitality of the inner commercial streets.

Six major centers:

Celebrity international mansion top house, high - end life model.

Leisure and entertainment center all age group consumption base, urban leisure new world.

Gourmet dining center the highest end of the environment, the most famous catering.

Leisure health center taixing leisure center, health hall.

Fashion shopping center, a large experience shopping center.

Children's play center children's play new world, happy world carnival.