Project Scale:Planning Area:800000㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-19


Xinghua city is located in the Yangtze river delta economic belt along the Yangtze river delta, located in jiangsu taizhou, yangzhou, nantong, yancheng economic zone intersection center, is a pearl in the lower river area of jiangsu province.

City XingHua has more than two thousand years of history, is the hometown of many cultural celebrities, such as: during the warring states period chu will zhaoyang, the author of the "water margin", shy naih-an, Ming one of "seven scholars" jiajing ZongChen, "yangzhou eight eccentrics" banqiao, the representative of long standing and well established history culture and unique natural conditions, laid the foundation of XingHua economic and social development.

Xinghua river, the water and land zhou-car, is known as "the land of fish and rice".

Project background:

"Golden port. The international" plot is located in the central urban area, the most prosperous commercial street arched road north, away from the city government is only 200 meters, the east changan road, every road is surging wave park, and plot are connected to the park with through drainage, and in urban water network, a good harvest in the west road, south to zhaoyang road, and urban main road - south mountain road runs through north and south.

The total land area is 478,000 square meters, the actual land area is about 340,000 square meters, the land mass transportation is extremely convenient.

Design philosophy:

How to develop the "golden port" into the city's signature center of the 21st century with its distinctive features, the design concept of this plan will be realized from the following efforts.

L attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics, respects the regional history and culture, and enhances the cultural heritage of the plot.

2. Emphasizing the use of water system, emphasizing the art of space environment, from nature, above nature, respecting nature, taking water as its characteristic, and focusing on green.

With architecture as the background, the city as the center.

Integration of buildings, waterscape, green space and road.

3. Study the study of space-time environment and urban visual form, and deal with the influence of the site on the surrounding environment from the perspective of urban design, and form the perfect urban landscape node.

4. Pay attention to function and site design, fully consider the human's activity space and behavior psychology, according to the function and environment of different sections, through the means of design, embody people-oriented design idea.

5. Focusing on the design of social space, the interior landscape square is concentrated with the expansion of green space, and vigorously opens up the urban landscape space, and strives to shape the continuous river landscape.

The organization is right and convenient transportation system.

Considering the spatial and temporal relationship between the vehicle and the pedestrian, the paper studies the requirements of the visual and psychological changes of the spatial environment in the process of different travel.