Project Scale:Planning Area :355333㎡, Overall Floorage:820589㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-24

1. Design Objectives:

Through the "water", "green", "dao", "food", "construction" topics such as artistic conception, implementation is a tourism destination and tourism destination, domestic influential tourist business combination.

2. Planning Features:

1) the building of water street continues the characteristics of the water culture of dujiangyan, so that tourists can experience the most romantic urban water atmosphere.Appreciate the philosophy of living in nature.

2) use the concept of "island" to integrate water, architecture and people, and realize the interest of eating on the island, swimming on the island, living on the island, buying on the island, and keeping it on the island.

3) improve the quality of buildings, provide modern and local traditional architectural appearance, and create classic architectural art, which represents the spirit of inclusiveness and leisure.

4) inherit sichuan's food culture, and let tourists enjoy the pleasure of food travel through the theme of experiential cuisine.

5) actively create a multi-level, three-dimensional green building space, architecture form using three-dimensional planting walls, roof, and the integration of landscape park, dujiangyan, makes it the third largest tourist attractions.

6) design a multi-level public space environment, and achieve a panoramic view of waterscape, mountain view, park, community garden and so on.

7) actively create a variety of vertical vertical space, combine underground space and sunken landscape courtyard function, and create underground sunshine landscape garage.

8) the dual entrance hall of the VIP area enables the residents to reach and obtain the inner peace and spiritual pleasure.

9) to improve the quality of buildings to live, to provide modern, in line with the local characteristics of life as the center of architectural appearance and door model design, emphasis on accommodation and fusion of natural landscape environment, fully reach the ornamental value, development value and living value of unity.