Project Location:ZHEJIANG·HUZHOU

Project Scale:Planning Area :110958㎡, Overall Floorage:68800㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-12-02

"Planned" Qiu Cheng town covers an area of 110958 ㎡, residential project base is located in the east of lake taihu lake tourist resort, is about eight kilometers away from downtown huzhou, Qiu Cheng road in the north, the east port of xiaomei, zhejiang shock states paper company in the south, the west and Qiu Cheng Qiu Cheng mountain sites.

Project's geographical location, rich natural and cultural resources, convenient transportation, HangNing high-speed and shen highway become neighboring city corridor and ecological barrier in taihu lake, close to the area of the taihu lake scenic area is numerous, and such long, open water, ecological resources is extremely rich, has the development of leisure tourism good potential market.

Use "que" culture of Chinese traditional architectural culture, embodies the location of the honor and family, will be "wind, water, bamboo scene, the heart, and" Chinese "zen" culture into the building, give full consideration to the project itself to express the cultural connotation and artistic conception, strive to structure form, space scale, landscape planning, water culture and traditional courtyard reflects the living state of the beauty of harmony and tranquility.With the concept of courtyard as the core, it is like the traditional enclosed courtyards and the harmonious atmosphere of idyllic style.Create a living environment by the side of the mountain.