Project Location:GUIZHOU·LIBO

Project Scale:Planning Area :557408㎡, Overall Floorage:129522㎡

Project Process:Under Construction

Project Time:2017-11-22

1)Scope of Planning:

The project is located at dawn guan town in libo county, guizhou province, guizhou province.The entire town's red line is about 557,408 square meters, which is a strip of land.

2) location conditions:

1. Land use status

The town is adjacent to the moran nature reserve and is one of the gateways for the management of the reserve.The land is rich in landforms, and the buck river runs through the whole lot. The northwest side is the natural mountain, and the high difference is large.It can be constructed with relatively flat land, mainly located on the side of river and mountain.There is a blue dragon stream in the downstream of the buck river. The water quality is good.The internal situation of external traffic is to connect libo with the provincial road of guangxi huanjiang.

(1) advantages and disadvantages:

Current advantages:

1. Natural landscape resources and local ethnic characteristics;

2. It is located in the traffic node and has good accessibility to the maolan scenic spot, which can form interaction;

3. There are some well-known scenic spots, such as qinglongjian green dragon pool, etc.

4. The terrain in the plot is more complex, and the high and low levels make the project more colorful.

Current disadvantages:

1. The current provincial road, the destruction of the transit traffic to the town;

2. The existence of downstream current dam has affected the flood control standard of the river;

3. Affected by the topography of the current situation, the plot is long and narrow, the construction area is segmented, and the clustering effect is relatively weak.

Ii. Planning and design requirements:

1. Land area: 557,408 m2, total 836.1 mu.

2. Nature of land: mainly residential and commercial, including tourism, reception, municipal infrastructure and social and public facilities.

3. Development intensity: the building layer is mainly 2-3 floors, the building height is within 15 meters, and the volume rate is less than or equal to 1.0.

4, architectural design requirements: settlement building door area mainly covers an area of 90 , 90 , 120 and 150 four types of construction, the total number to 241.

5. Architectural style: buildings with local ethnic customs and suitable for modern people's living habits.

6. Municipal pipeline: unified planning and design of water supply, drainage, electric power and communication information to urban municipal pipe network.

Iii. Project positioning

Relying on the world natural heritage resources and libo ethnic folk culture, looking for a home employment for local farmers to get rich, for MAO LAN construction of a new landscape culture and strong local amorous feelings of tourist attractions and tourism destination.

Iv. Planning idea:

1. Promote protection by "development".

Through creating town, be MAO LAN destination farmers out of scenic spot, and create a suitable living environment, to build a strong, beautiful, economic of the service of the house to move to the villagers.Obtained at the same time, make full use of and transform the natural environment, architecture and natural environment in harmony, create a comfortable microclimate, create energy saving, environmental protection of the ecological system, thus further to protect and promote alum scenic spot.

2. Improve the quality of the block.

Through careful planning and design, the local humanistic and historical excavation is combined with natural landscape forest transformation to achieve a high degree of integration of ecotourism projects and tourism tour routes.

Shigeru bargh town as one of the scenic spot of the entrances and exits, strict control of motor vehicle into MAO LAN scenic spot, set at the entrance of town and group blocks out of the parking lot, tourists by tram centralized transport driver - no tail gas pollution and low energy consumption of green transportation, obtain in different speed and atmosphere of unusual tour experience.

3. Display the folk customs and cultural characteristics of local minorities.

Combining bargh town base current situation and the local ethnic minorities, to the town into an aquarium, aquarium culture embodies the most complete, aquatic animals and the most perfect combination of modern civilization, the alum orchid travel destination.

4. Economic benefits

To solve the mau scenic spot growing tourists rest, food and beverage, accommodation, entertainment and other needs, bargh town for villagers in resettlement area not only can solve the problem of living, but also provides a very good job.

Of resettlement housing area is divided into 90 , 100 , 120 and four types of 150 , residential and commercial, the underlying for shops, live on the second floor.The two to three households are arranged in a row and arranged in a row, forming a strip block layout and effectively forming a business atmosphere.At the same time, the square is set in each block center to perform deduction and cultural display to attract tourists.

In addition to meeting the requirements of local farmers, the town also planned a part of the homestay, improving the quality of the whole town, attracting tourists from all levels and increasing the revenue of the town.