Project Location:GUIZHOU·LIBO

Project Scale:Planning Area :540000㎡, Overall Floorage:141885㎡

Project Process:Under Construction

Project Time:2017-11-22

Libo world buie village is located in the national 5 a grade scenic spot ZhangJiang within the scenic area, is ZhangJiang scenic water spring river scenic area is an important part of, and experience the most ideal location libo country tourism scene interaction.

Libo world buie village depends on the libo beautiful natural scenery, folk customs, libo tourism development provides abundant industry exchange platform, to libo bring immeasurable promote tourism and economic prosperity.

On the function, including the area, the original ecological leisure experience area of traditional Chinese medicine, Bloch tuo theme park, folk specialty area, the top of the mountain coffee tourism leisure area, the original ecological food, theme hotel of home stay facility, folk theme park, leisure bar experience zone, cultural centers, performing arts center, large flowers and jade green landscape zone 12 functional areas.It provides tourists with all kinds of tourism experience including health care, shopping, accommodation, leisure, food, performing arts and cloth culture.