Project Scale:Planning Area :546694㎡, Overall Floorage:269978㎡

Project Process:LOT A、B、C、E Completed,LOT D、H Under Construction,LOT K、J、F Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-16

Design concept

1.With ink rendering "perfect" China scenery beautiful scenery for the design origin, on the basis of respect for history and culture and local culture, to extract the essence of Chinese classical architecture planning, integrated into the modern European design technique, create a romantic, elegant, natural life artistic conception, forming a city is the natural landscape.

2.Use of local abundant landscape resources, highlighting the "ink painting" landscape characteristic, the jiangnan landscape design technique, the derive from nature to the greatest extent of natural stone, water, grass, trees and other basic elements constitute the main body landscape, clever and the water and trees deep and clever union, strengthen the transformation and ShuLi base water, water diversion, between the people in the landscape, to create a green ecological environment, improve the surrounding residential unit price.

3.Highlight the community characteristics of natural soft, through the heap of soil and layered greening processing, give a person a good visual effect, actively strengthen participatory landscape design, the actions of men as the landscape part;

Design objectives:

Ink painting of Chinese landscape relying on building layout pattern and design concept, with people's life activities as the center, starting from the overall, harmonious life, leisure, entertainment, residential, and other functions, to build residential area, with its unique characteristics of the natural landscape make it a fully functional, characteristic, culture of profound classic dish.