Project Location:ANHUI·LUAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :1130000㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-23

The city has 61 a-level scenic spots, including 1 of 5a-class tourist attractions and 20 4a-level tourist attractions.In 2012, the city received 15 million visitors, with a total tourism revenue of about 9.5 billion yuan.

Project plot to the south there is a wetland park, the landscape resources, ground pool of internal size, rich in water resource, and bamboo forest, forest, decades of trees, natural slope etc, and the exploration of professional team, with geothermal resources in the plot, has a high probability of hot spring development, with the premise of developing ecological tourism.

In this case, the town is a kind of European, American, Mediterranean, Asian, Australian and other architectural styles, showing a strong exotic flavor.

On the architectural modeling design mainly rich style characteristic combination to create the whole image of the rich, to work at the detail design of construction exquisite feeling and uniqueness, and become one of the plot in the role of landscape architecture, especially with particular emphasis on different areas of construction of seepage, pay attention to the plot building itself become a beautiful scenic spot in the environment.

French style architecture - steady and romantic.French chateau exquisite architectural ornament in nature, on the detail processing using French, carve patterns or designs on woodwork corridor column, line, fine craft, the open corridors with natural landscape to communicate with each other, create a harmonious rural qi.

Chinese architecture inherits the essence of traditional Chinese architecture at the same time, through the bedding face appear a glass and other modern materials and technique improvement of traditional elements, on the whole style keeps the verve of Chinese style house and essence, the half open nest is used on the space structure, lie between and not surrounded, the walls of the garden garden each extended horizontal space, courtyard plant extension longitudinal space, make the whole building in the environment, harmonious and unified.

Mediterranean architecture is the style of bright color, the building with rustic color, make the exterior face color bright, bold but not overspread, warm and unrestrained but not break warm and harmonious.

New Asia style buildings in ensuring the overall feels dye-in-the-wood modesty, rituals, and both of southeast Asia on holiday wind at the same time, the manual craft of outer facade with a lot of heavy and complicated, such as present, window frame, carve patterns or designs on woodwork coping, back to the form lines lines, wrought iron baluster, art, such as the roof, the building into a place oneself in nature of exquisite works of art.

English major is English classic red brick building that warm color moves, makes the classical architecture in England, the elegant noble temperament, the relative between the lower and collected on the building, enriched the facade of light and shadow, transverse and longitudinal change, embodies the building volume is sedate and atmosphere, the main building metope is given priority to with red brick and stone, in this kind of different material combination, collide with each other highlights stone silence, calm and steady, the red brick and lively, relaxed.

European architecture combines classical elements to express modern life, not only the enjoyment in visual field, but also the spiritual sublimation.

The architectural style of North America USES unique architectural modeling to fully express the romantic thoughts and feelings.

Under the influence of european-style architecture style, Australian architecture style has a strong natural ecology and modern atmosphere, and is simple and tangible.

Boreal Europe style building focus on natural, advocating log lasting appeal, use of natural materials: stone, wood, plaster, performance building such as texture, building facade ornament with lines and colors, make the whole building natural color, and the whole environment photograph echo.

American architectural style is set in today's world of residential buildings and combines the essence of American freedom, lively, good at innovation, and so on some cultural elements, which at the same time accept the architectural style of many kinds of mature, and influence each other and fusion.Have pay attention to the construction details, a classic feelings, appearance is concise and easy, amorous feelings of fusion of a variety of characteristics, advocating color, love flowers, pursue high quality and practical matter, the spirit optimism.

Residential site high-rise building style inherited the characteristics of the new Asian style, facade whole emphasizes the vertical line, on the base, the distance and the roof adopts horizontal line technique, to strengthen the construction of transverse feeling, make the whole building reflects a strong sense of upward.Building main body wall is given priority to with brick and stone coating, wide base with natural stone material, create a different level of detail and texture, presents the building artistic perception, composed in do not break urban aesthetic feeling.

Hot spring hotel facade emphasizes the construction symmetry, pay attention to the inheritance of traditional architecture, draw lessons from the performance of the Spanish construction style, mainly manifests the construction the elegant, noble, delicate and romantic, secondly to integrate with a variety of architectural style characteristic of independent rooms, in architectural form emphasizes the harmony of architecture and urban context on the architectural modeling emphasizes the axis of symmetry, imposing manner, proportion coordination, subordination, highlight the center and the rules of geometry.