Project Scale:Planning Area :1060000㎡,

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-22


Guihuayuan in one hundred is located in the southwest of Shanghai, jinshan hing town, is located in the ZheHu ocean, is a very important portal provinces in southern China in and out of Shanghai, the central area of the Yangtze river delta economic zone, advantageous geographical position.

Park, the traffic is very convenient, away from the shanghai-hangzhou expressway and shanghai-hangzhou railway only 3 kilometers, 40 minutes to Shanghai hongqiao international airport, 50 minutes to Shanghai pudong international market, into the center of Shanghai only 40 minutes, 1 hour to hangzhou and suzhou city, 320 national highway and the outer ring highway, by about 1 hour to ningbo hangzhou bay bridge.

The park is in the north of 320 national road, the other three river is the boundary, the total land is 106ha.

The base is mainly farmland, with a total of 155 households in some villages.

A small number of osmanthus trees have been planted in the northeast corner of the base.

Planning concept:

1. The fission crust -- the original concept.

Osmanthus has a long history in China, which has long endowed many people with obvious knowledge and culture.

Guihuayuan is a display of China in one hundred in Shanghai sweet osmanthus culture and historical sites, planting osmanthus tree is over decades, the original ecological forest park, through digging pile of mountain lake, the fission in the original landform, form zhejiang island, on the island and the hangzhou bay.

Dancing forest - the pursuit of nature.

The plane of the park is like a flying butterfly, the natural tour route and the lake shore. When the tourists ride through the forest, they can feel the forest dancing, and they are everywhere.

Osmanthus trees - the combination of dots, lines and faces.

Osmanthus flower is the main body of the century garden in Shanghai, the general layout is spread out with osmanthus, the osmanthus is dotted, linear, and wide.

The whole is arranged with the dotted line.

Design objectives:

Based in Shanghai, the service Yangtze river delta, developing all over China, facing the whole world.

To Chinese osmanthus culture as the background, focus on the future trend of tourism development, highlight the characteristics of ecological tourism, Tours, tour features, through creating a primitive forest land, urban water, modern NongYeYuan, ecological wetland and popular science education, etc., formation has the characteristic, the function is all ready, facilities, ecological leisure, cultural tourism and entertainment resort theme park, which integrates ecological plants.