Project Scale:Planning Area :38747㎡

Project Process:Compeleted

Project Time:2017-12-02

"The world is a beautiful landscape, ancient and modern push rich spring".

Fuyang is located in the "west lake -- fuchun river -- qiandao lake -- huangshan" national golden tourism line, which is a typical jiangnan landscape city, with the beauty of mountain city and the show of jiangcheng.

Proposed "Kowloon ii project base is located in the town of fuyang surrender in residential district, the north avenue, Kowloon, and with the" number one ", Kowloon, "qi li xiang" brook estate relatively, northwest for the hangzhou wild animal zoo, south of natural hills and cultivated land.

Adjacent to hangzhou west, the project site is located at the hangzhou main city area above the main axis of the core parts of the west development, it is hangzhou high-grade residential projects investment and development of hot spots, at present a lot of large and medium-sized buildings, such as "qi li xiang creek", "inferior at" etc have settled here.

These influential development projects have played a leading role in the development of surrounding areas.

Facade style

Bearing a celebrity family glory Tudor royal architectural style in England, the most livable, red brick wall, slope roof, and high quality stone material collocation, builds a composed on detail, elegant, elegant and harmonious feeling, from the original British noble temperament.