Project Location:INNER MONGOLIA

Project Scale:Planning Area :325717㎡, Overall Floorage:358240㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-12-02

I. design research.

Combined with the complex dynamics of terrain elevation difference, improve the civil air defense construction of "three benefits", meet the need of "two anti integration" development, give full play to the function of "discussed in combination with", rational utilization of civil defence underground space, efforts to enhance the vitality and dynamism of civil air defense construction.

2. Architectural features.

The base architectural temperament follows the neoclassical tone of humanistic architecture.

She originated from the Classical Revival of the art style, in line with the classic neoclassical style, emphasizing the sense of dignity.

The five-star tower of the center adopts the architectural style of Chinese and western combination to highlight the unique qualities of the prairie.

Architectural style emphasizes the harmony between architectural art and urban context and emphasizes the inheritance of traditional architecture.

The architectural modeling emphasizes the symmetry of axes, the proportion of attention, the relationship between the main and the main, and the geometry of the center and the rules.

Use the technique of three paragraph composition and big slope roof, pursue appearance decorous and grand, the sense of stability.

Through the reasonable modeling, the rapid development of the city construction of ordos, to create the exquisite new era human defense architecture.