Project Location:ANHUI·LUAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :250861㎡, Overall Floorage:425990㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-12-02

The designer has strengthened the concept of "city" in the planning, and constructed the material space of the corresponding quality with the urban design and the design of the city.

1. Green city

Base and the base of the native resources around, including the city the p.i, the mother river, green vegetation, are extremely precious wealth, the maximum play to the resource of ecological value and social value, will be incorporated in the design, the "city" in the green space, restore the vitality of nature, to achieve the best link between human and nature, green everywhere, green layers of progressive, 360 degrees into every minute of life.

To improve the exploitability of resources and to form a sustainable living environment for the community residents to provide a green, healthy and environmental quality life.

2. Island city

The community, such as the island, is located in the western part of the district.

In this case, we advocate large-scale, large-scale and large-capacity ecological afforestation to integrate into the poetic life of residential areas, and add a beautiful landscape to the urban texture.

The starting point of planning and design is with emphasis on the restraint of residential life at the same time, emphasis on green space, waters together build the open space of the extroversion, the entire base as a "green island" of the city planning.

The buildings, such as the island, are situated in the green space.

The island gives a sense of serenity.

This is what the family is after.

Back in the community, back home, that feeling arises -- warm, quiet, the island of life.

3. Original city

"Original" is the best original state of residence: dry, ventilated, open, without water and waterlogging, without heat.

The original is also the origin of life, life should be so.

The design emphasizes the concept of "original", natural scenery, perfect supporting and convenient transportation, showing the real life to the residents, and the perfect residence.