Project Location:JIANGSU·HUAIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :93206 ㎡, Overall Floorage:233015㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-30

Rational utilization of underground space -- combining with the complex and multivariate of topography, the method of rational excavation and backfilling is adopted to create a unique vertical vertical space.

Move some public places and interesting Spaces to the basement, and combine the sunken garden and the light well to form a well-lit underground space.

The unique design brings brand-new landscape space, sufficient lighting, ventilation and more abundant use function, which enriches the landscape level and space feeling.

Part of the basement by sinking is combined with a layer of residential garden, subsided courtyard courtyard comfort and functionality are comprehensive promotion, the quality of the space can improve, in the underground room facing the garden part introduced large window open the door, to connect fully, both inside and outside to realize natural lighting, make the residents have their own garden landscape space, greatly improve the value of the underlying residential, make originally the basement garage by oneself, not only equipment, such as the release of auxiliary area function.

The treatment of the luxurious and grand entrance hall space -- the project monomer building design residential double hall space processing.

One is the processing of the underground garage entrance hall, which can form a good ventilation, daylighting condition and better natural landscape conditions at each entrance through the combination of the three-dimensional sinking garden.

Second, the treatment of the public hall on the ground, through the combination of aerial views, can make the transition of the landscape space at each entrance, making the home feel more cordial.

In addition, the space dimension and decoration design in the hall have taken into consideration the space of rest and reception, and enhanced the sense of honor of the residents.

Architectural temperament follows the modern style of humanistic architecture.

With concise modelling and line to shape distinctive architectural expression.

Architectural style emphasizes the harmony between architectural art and urban context and emphasizes the inheritance of traditional architecture.

Building facade in the form of really stone paint coating, already cost saving cost, and can show the simple sense of natural, reflect the contemporary and contracted style of concise, lively, emphasis on building the richness of the sky, beautiful sex at the same time.

Architecture form with concise and pure to adjust the space of the spirit of conversion, which according to the classical aesthetic in color, the facade scale and proportion to design, make the person produces architectural history and spirit of the sense of belonging, at the same time pay attention to the external facade without tube processing technique of using.