Project Scale:Planning Area :96155㎡, Overall Floorage:144233㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-30

This case is located in the south lake new area of jiaxing city. It belongs to the southeast part of jiaxing. The future will be the political center, cultural center, business center and technology entrepreneurship center of jiaxing.

Project 2, north southeast JingShui road in the east, meet LingGong pond culture theme park, west near double creek road, adjacent to the south lake district administrative center, surrounding the future planning of commercial, office, school and other supporting facilities, superior location value make planned residential area location for "the Roman city", residential, commercial, leisure, education and other functions into an organic whole with rich noble residential area of the Roman amorous feelings.

Design philosophy:

A. Planning attempts to deconstruct Roman urban space from the perspective of urban design in Rome, Italy.

The "big idea" and inspiration came from the city's evolution over the years.

Absorbing the historical culture of Italy and the cultural landscape of ancient Rome, the chapter shows the exotic atmosphere and historical and cultural connotations of Italy.

B. Create an active and diverse space to meet the needs of a new era of life style and personalized development, and pay attention to the continuation of Roman culture.

C. through the ground elevation difference set, build ups and downs, the rich natural slope landscape and architectural skyline, landscape sequence is rich and vivid, full of "" step, such as" enlightened "dramatic scene.

D. To create a complete system of complete human vehicle shunt, to consider local climatic factors, and to encourage the design of the shelter or to hide the walking environment.

E. from the perspective of development and the concept of the neighborhood, reasonable division of groups.

F. Reasonable layout of service facilities so that residents can easily obtain inner peace and spiritual pleasure, and have the satisfaction of material life.

G. Focus on improving the residential quality of the building, providing modern and local features of architectural appearance and family design, emphasizing the integration of the living room and the natural landscape environment.

To achieve the unification of ornamental value, development value and residential value.

H. skillfully use LingGong pond culture theme park landscape resources, from the overall consideration of internal and external space environment, efforts to investigate the relationship between the planning space structure and the natural environment, to achieve the harmony of man and nature.