Project Scale:Planning Area :700000㎡,

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-30


Success of the design is mainly reflected in four aspects: using Paris romantic leisure culture, creating the perfect city facilities, building types of diversity and elegant residential environment contribution to the urban landscape.

The city of Paris is currently the largest comprehensive housing project in jiaxing city.

It is composed of water-loving villa, townhouse, landscape apartment, ecological commercial residence, single apartment, shopping center, commercial leisure pedestrian street, experimental primary school and kindergarten.

Design fully mining land use characteristics, form linking the north and south landscape avenue, and through the things in the middle of the Seine leisure belt, and the whole land organic divided into various groups, between group and group by roads and landscape environment together, form a closed group and open neighborhood, is conducive to improving village resident of neighborhood relations.

After the completion of the project, it will be a trend to lead the people's living culture in jiaxing.

Geographical environment:

Planning block is located in jiaxing city, the whole project is divided into two large, the south block is located in the north of west to east road, south road, central, central, north block is located in the central east road on the west side, south three road north of (ave), the whole project in between two city, has been around the sports center, forest park, the international trade city of China, and other public facilities, excellent geographical location, the more in the future the development of economic, political, and cultural center in the region has advantaged traffic and geographical location advantages.

Design philosophy:

"Cent" -- the circular road in the surrounding city is adopted to make the ring road pure walking.

The whole community has a wide and continuous path.

"Green" -- the second-class structure of "residential compound" makes the green space more spacious, and the design emphasizes the promotion of green to the natural ecology.

And its positive influence on the neighborhood association, the construction of Paris city conforms to the ecological development of the landscape activity network.

"Transparent" - community by small high-rise housing, high-level, multi-storey residential and row houses of local overhead make compound visual space between the central green space, courtyard on foot more smoothly, good accessibility, help to roam the realization of the form and the improvement of the micro climate to the community.

"Wen" -- the overall arrangement of the combination of the Paris city pattern, the commercial cultural context and the modern residential concept, makes the community more distinctive and distinctive.

"Cent", "green", "transparent" and "wen" explain the design concept of Paris city!

Central academy of music art kindergarten affiliated jiaxing garden located in the southwest of the Paris urban residential district of jiaxing, south bordering on city roads, field terrain level, there is no big ups and downs, the transportation is convenient, the south has three way) southeast urban trunk road, power supply, water supply, communication is very convenient, all kinds of facilities for basic land surrounding is high-grade residential district in jiaxing, atmosphere is quiet, avoid rush-hour city sound interference, is an ideal place for the construction of high grade kindergarten.

Overall architectural modeling to delicate reflect personality, dignified and easy, lively, children's unit is made of the body and with vertical plate, wall using beige compared with white paint, and in some local point color, active atmosphere building, the whole building is sedate, contemporary grand momentum of the entrance, the formation of strong visual impact, no excess, pursuit is concise, shaped a concise in connotation, magnificent buildings in see elegant characteristics.