Project Location:ANHUI·HEFEI

Project Scale:Planning Area :416996㎡,

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-22

This project is located in the northeast corner of luzhou avenue and zhongshan road in binhu new district of hefei city, and the residential and commercial building temperament follows the neoclassical tone of humanistic architecture.

She originated from the Classical Revival of the art style, in line with the classic neoclassical style, emphasizing the sense of dignity.

Architectural style emphasizes the harmony between architectural art and urban context and emphasizes the inheritance of traditional architecture.

The architectural modeling emphasizes the symmetry of axes, the proportion of attention, the relationship between the main and the main, and the geometry of the center and the rules.

Use the method of three - paragraph composition and big slope roof, pursue the appearance demure and grand complete unity and the sense of stability.

Office and large shopping center facade, complying with the modern construction of binhu new area development, adopt the modern style of the atmosphere, pay attention to scale and contrast of the space, material and detailed contrast, use of glass curtain wall, steel structure, stone and other materials to express the modelling delicate texture, expresses the unique office and shopping atmosphere.

At the same time, the facade modeling reserved the position of lighting equipment, and carried out the gorgeous lighting design, striving to be the most distinctive and magnificent night scene in binhu new district, making the landmark of binhu new district.