Project Scale:Planning Area :72843㎡, Overall Floorage:146227.1㎡

Project Process:Under Construction

Project Time:2017-11-17

Overall layout

The planning is landscaping, the trees are in series, the function is the clue, the road is the framework.

Together with the present situation of base and surrounding land use situation, do their ecological residential area and the fusion of the green building, into the era of siyang county development pace, making it the region has a certain quality of affordable housing community.

"Living" is the meaning of the design conception, planning various communication level focus on planning this vivid structure composition, showing each group and comfortable space form, relaxation of appropriate planning structure and aesthetically pleasant living environment, expressed a perfect ideal living in the house.


Design key points of

This scheme strives to arrange the building function reasonably, so as to make the layout of the community and human relations reflect the sense of rhythm, change in order, and reflect the change of order.

This scheme is designed to integrate the park landscape in the south side of the plot and introduce the beautiful landscape of the park into this community.

With green space and trees, the building space, commercial space, road space and walking space are integrated together to create a space system of diversity and continuity.

The plan is to plan each group as the ecological core, the central green of each group is permeated with each other, and the space between the building mountain walls is increased in a row in the south side, so that the park landscape penetrates into this community.

The landscape and activity space of different characteristic groups are formed.


Land layout

· residential layout -- identification and identification.

Residential layout to highlight the space group, and make full use of the vertical design of changes in planning, and through the building group space is limited, combining with the outdoor greening environment design, local form enclosed within the neighborhood.

In this way, it is conducive to the change of the spatial level, and it is conducive to the formation of a group of different residential levels. The group space is connected in series with the green axis, creating a rich, close and humane environment.

· layout of public service facilities -- location and convenience.

The plan west to jiefang road (currently only the road is built around the site), combined with the development direction of urban planning, the public construction supporting space is set in the southwest corner of the plot.

Besides, the park amusement facilities on the south side of the block not only bring the vitality and vitality to the modern life of the community, but also give them a sense of fashion and theme.


Space sequence

Planning through the analysis of general low-income residential community living pattern, the spatial structure of the living mode is firstly expressed in the different levels of spatial sequence, that is, from entrance to guide the space - public open space, group space, interior space is such a kind of space organization.

Its residents living space orderly separated into public space and public space (group), the illicit close space (residential interior) such a number of different levels, but the different levels of space organically organization in an orderly series.

This way of spatial organization, foreign due to the relatively closed, therefore has a strong sense of place, identity, and security, and internally, this way of spatial organization and can lead to a strong sense of neighborhood and community.

The group space is the public activity space that the residents interact with each other in the whole area, and it is extremely easy to produce close neighborhood relations in such a living space.